Most people see us as best friends, but we are more like sisters. We talk at least a dozen times a day – in fact, most days I talk more to you then my own fiancé. I wish I could figure it all out for you and save you from this turbulent journey. Whats killing me more than anything is you have these moments of clarity where you fully realise what you want from life and in my opinion discover the right way to achieve it, yet in the next breath you turn around and do the same old actions and behaviours that got you no-where, but back in the same place you are now. I watch you get hurt time and time again from romantic prospects who don’t respect you because you are not choosing people worthy of your time, instead favouring those who give you attention and treat you like an object. Although you say this is not want you want, when the choice is in front of you, this is what you choose every time. It’s infuriating to watch, it’s like the growth never happens. I’m not mad, I’m not angry, just frustrated and annoyed that I can’t pull you past this rut, past this stage. I just want you to be happy….

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