Annual Leave

I am a workaholic – there I said it!! I am that neurotic person who walks out of work at 5:30pm and by the time I have walked to my car (about 1km away), I have already checked my emails about a dozen times. It’s not unusual for me to get home after a full on day in the office and work another 4 – 5 hours. I have my personal mobile calls on a permanent diversion to my work mobile, so I only need to carry around the one work cellphone. I always field calls after-hours and like to be accessible to my clients, I am always there if they need me. Most days I am always on the go.

This week I have taken 5 days on annual leave, not because I need it, but because everyone around me keeps telling me to slow down – if I didn’t take some annual leave soon, I think my bosses would just change the locks to the office… although, knowing me, I would just climb in the window… Only one problem with taking time off – I am not good at it. I am not good at taking time for myself. I don’t like time to think and patience is just simply not a quality I possess. Then about two years ago (prompt by a crazy old roommate- although I would never admit it to her), we got two cats.

They are the funniest, craziest, most loving little creatures. We have two female cats from the same litter, one who was the oldest (BMO) and one who is the runt (CatBug), and if you know your Land of Ooo and your Bravest Warriors, you will know where we pinched the names from. We got the two cheeky girls when they were just seven weeks old and have been caring for them ever since. In that time I have learnt more about unconditional love and living in the moment.

They fight, like cats and ermmm cats (felt strange to say dogs), in fact, they fight like sisters, but no matter how much they have torn each other to shreds, they curl up at the end of the day together. No matter who is “in charge”, when one of them is down they comfort each other. They also seem to have this sixth sense about them, whenever me or my partner is feeling down or having a bad day, they come and curl up with us – they not only comfort each other, but they comfort us too.


I find the two of them completely fascinating and it was when I started to care for them, that I learnt to appreciate smaller things. When we first got our cats, they were tiny – so small they would curl up in my shoe. Watching them grow forced me to slow down as it made me realise, I didn’t want to miss some sweet moments with them. Especially when they are feeling affectionate and cuddly.

Yes I know, they are not children, but your pets aren’t some possession that you love, they are little creatures you fall in love with. They have personalities, likes and dislikes, and little moment that make you appreciate some of the more important things going on around you.

I once had someone ask me, what will you do when they go – (horrid, horrid question, by the way) – will I be devastated, of course – you would hurt just as much, as if you were losing someone you loved. Seriously though, who asks a questions like that.

So even though taking a little time off is completely against my nature, waking up to these two gorgeous little fluff-balls does make a little bit easier.