Like Cheese down a Chalkboard

I work long days – often 8 – 12 hours shifts, six days a week. I don’t often get down time, and honestly I don’t really feel I need it altogether that much. I enjoy being busy. However, sometimes working long hours does catch up with me, especially on a Friday. I come home from a long day at work, and you are always so good to me.

The moccasins are by the front door, kettle is on for a fresh pot of tea and you are just about to run me a bubblebath. Before heading into the bathroom to unwind from the day, I collapse on the bed. I am spent.

You come in to chat to me and we are having a discussion about something, god only knows what, I really can’t remember- we somehow got on the topic of something that really annoyed me and I turned to you and said “like cheese down a chalkboard”. I was so brain dead, I managed to mash up two sayings, “like chalk and cheese” and “like nails down a chalkboard”.

I didn’t hear it and you started laughing, I watched the joy, play and dance across your face – you laugh, a loud, jolly, belly laugh and it made me happy. When you finally gained enough air back in your body to tell me what you were laughing at – me, at my expense. I pouted and said “I was so smart all day”, and you smile and said “Yes baby, you were – which is why it’s so cute when you muddle up your words”.

I breath a sigh of relief, somehow, knowing that at the end of a long week, when I am totally spent, I am still able to make you smile, gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Watching all the happy emotions dance across your face makes me content because at last I am home, it is the weekend and we are together. Even if we are smudging “cheese down chalkboards” in my mind and even if I am muddling up all the words, it doesn’t matter, as long as I can see you smile.

You flow around the kitchen

Late last night, I took my cousin for a walk along Chapel Street and we walked past a store selling Nutella Icecream with hot melted Nutella on top – there was no way I was walking past without the largest serving they had – of course in a chocolate coated cone. If your going to eat the naughty foods – bloody do it right!

I woke up this morning, with a slight headache – self inflicted, I ate way too much ice cream before bed, without enough water. You let me sleep in, maybe knowing I had a bit of a restless sleep (crazy dreams – thanks ice cream). I stumbled into the kitchen and there you were smile on your face, ready to jump out and scare me – I was too asleep to jump. I gravitated to the couch (we were in no rush this morning) to sit for a while – I stared blankly at you. I like to describe this state, as sleeping with my eyes open. You were way too awake for my liking and I was staring at you stoned faced – as you went about your morning.

FullSizeRender I watched you flow through the kitchen, flick the kettle on, whilst still gaming, cup out, tea bag in, milk on the counter, next move in the game, your laptop is never too far away. You come over to couch, noticing that I haven’t moved, get me pillows, wrap me up like a breakfast burrito in blankets “it’s only 8 degrees, stay warm” I hear you say, and vaguely the words cut through the morning brain fog, to reach me. Back to the kitchen you strut, but not before kissing me on the forehead.

You take your next move in the game and as the kettle stops, you construct for me the best cup of chai I have ever had. I keep staring at you like a creepy weirdo because in that moment I realised just how much you have made that

space your own – you kind of float through the kitchen, comfortable and at ease with no-one bothering you. In that moment I noticed there is nothing on your mind and you are at peace and I can’t help but have my breath taken away from watching you flow through your morning routine like a well oiled machine, especially knowing, it is all for me.